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Version: v1.1.0

Publishing Events

Publishing Events#

We provide support for publishing custom events to a custom Azure Event Grid Topics.

Import the following namespace into your project:

using Arcus.EventGrid.Publishing;

Next, create an EventGridPublisher instance via the EventGridPublisherBuilder which requires the endpoint & authentication key of your custom topic endpoint.

var eventGridPublisher = EventGridPublisherBuilder                                .ForTopic(topicEndpoint)                                .UsingAuthenticationKey(endpointKey)                                .Build();

Publishing EventGridEvent's

Create your event that you want to publish

string licensePlate = "1-TOM-337";string eventSubject = $"/cars/{licensePlate}";string eventId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();var @event = new NewCarRegistered(eventId, eventSubject, licensePlate);
await eventGridPublisher.Publish(eventSubject, eventType: "NewCarRegistered", data: new [] { @event }, id: eventId);

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